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Currently, dues for the calendar year are $220 per year, or $110 for 6 months.  Cash is accepted, or check payable to Old Pueblo Water Polo.  Subscribe to the email list via opwp.tucson@gmail.com.

To those who need to establish/renew their USA Water Polo membership, OPWP is club #19154.  Joining at the "Silver" is all that is necessary for most of our competition.

Due to the pandemic, all players must log into their USA Water Polo account and sign the "Covid-19 Return to Play Release and Waiver" form.

Skill and Strategy Review:

Dry-land ball handling

Reverse sculling

Passing 101

Pressure passing

Two meter defense

Two meter offense

Two meter hole pass

Outside turn for beginners

Inside turn

Drawing the foul

The do's and don'ts of faking

Shooting body position

Sweep shot

Upslide and grip

Defending your lane

Body positioning for drive defense

Hips up and wrist control

Taking the ejection

Shooting the backhand

Layout shot

Body position

Flipping the ball

Ball under counter attack